ELITE Leader of the Future Kunj Gohil of MediMedia Managed Markets

Kunj Gohil

Associate Medical Director

MediMedia Managed Markets, an ICON plc company


On the Fast Track

Kunj Gohil, PharmD, RPh joined MediMedia Managed Markets in 2013 as a postdoctoral fellow, and it didn’t take long to recognize his tremendous potential.

His career began with the Medical Services team, but Kunj quickly began recognizing growth opportunities that aligned to meet the growing needs of the company. Within one year, Kunj began supporting the West Coast office as an Account Executive during a time of high volume. Kunj excelled in concurrently supporting both departments to ensure timely and accurate project execution, further demonstrating his leadership aptitude and versatility. His uncanny ability to adapt and ensure the successful completion of projects accelerated his professional and corporate growth.

“Kunj’s role within the company quickly expanded, leading him to become the Head of Strategic Content in less than four years,” explains Yana Volman, Vice President, Content Strategy. “Kunj has consistently demonstrated leadership, seeking out new opportunities and challenges, and proactively identifying novel ways of supporting and evolving MediMedia work.”

In his brief time at the company, he has accumulated a long list of accomplishments. For instance, he built the first deliverables used for global market initiatives to foster trust and establish expertise with a key pharmaceutical manufacturer. This led to an account expansion of more than 50 projects that generated approximately $2 million in revenue. Additionally, he wrote another 50-plus projects within a two-month period to assist with unexpected client demand and ultimately save on freelance costs. Kunj also took on an innovative client project and was able to develop novel tools to address emerging real-world evidence needs, for which he created the entire methodology and results in house. All of this, and more, contributed to the overall company growth throughout 2016.

“In his time with us, Kunj has managed to gain ultimate trust with the account and delivery teams, conquer barriers, and lead by example to demonstrate that the status quo is not necessarily the best path forward,” says Jodie McVan, Sr. VP, Creative. “His patience and fun nature make working with him a pleasure, and we look forward to seeing Kunj’s career continue to grow.”


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