ELITE Leader of the Future Jeenal Shah of Sudler New York

Jeenal Shah

Group Art Supervisor

Sudler New York


Creative Talent for Today and Tomorrow

For Jeenal Shah, the “everyday” is never enough, especially now, when brands compete for the attention of healthcare professionals and patients across an ever-increasing range of media. In order to thrive in such dynamic marketing conditions, Jeenal maintains a passion for new ideas and a relentless focus on execution excellence. Her goal is always to deliver innovative, relevant and motivating work.

And she does. Jeenal “broke the book” with an origami-like folded journal ad insert that not only attracted attention and captured readership, but also increased the amount of page space available for content without increasing the media buy. To attract more foot traffic at conventions, Jeenal created mini-games using the Leap Motion Controller, which senses hand motions and enables users to play computer games via gestures—not with a mouse or touchscreen. The “Fact Fast” Leap Motion game station leveraged this technology to deliver focused brand information in an engaging gaming experience.

Jeenal embraces the pace at which the industry and media are changing. Whether streamlining and redesigning iPad sales tools to integrate across brands and incorporate a fresh infographic approach to data, or spearheading a multichannel campaign across print, iPad, online and convention presence, Jeenal has taken the lead. She also led the early adoption of the Content Capsule, which is a self-contained module that can be embedded in any digital channel.

Importantly, Jeenal’s outstanding creativity is matched by an exceptional ability to inspire and direct. She genuinely enjoys identifying people’s skills and providing them with projects that best take advantage of their strengths. Jeenal Shah is not only a leader of the future, but also a leader of today, whose creativity and innovation have inspired all her colleagues.


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