ELITE Entrepreneurs Evan T. Edwards & Eric S. Edwards of Kaléo, Inc.

Evan T. Edwards

VP – Innovation, Development & Industrialization

Kaléo, Inc.

Eric S. Edwards, MD, PhD

VP – Innovation, Research & Development

Kaléo, Inc.

Developed by Patients for Patients

Born out of their own experiences with life-threatening allergies, twin brothers Evan and Eric Edwards are co-founders of kaléo and co-inventors of both AUVI-Q® (epinephrine injection, USP) and EVZIO (naloxone HCI injection), pocket-sized auto-injectors for the treatment of anaphylaxis and opioid overdose emergencies.

Evan is an engineer who has been recognized among his peers for his work in Human Factors Engineering and even teaches Human Factors to industry, including instructing at the FDA’s Staff College. Eric is a medical doctor with a BS in Biology from Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU), a PhD in the pharmaceutical sciences from VCU’s School of Pharmacy, and an MD from VCU’s School of Medicine. Together they drew on their expertise—and the help from an amazing team of employees—to introduce a novel auto-injector platform with first-of-its-kind features including an auto-retractable needle and a voice instruction system that guides users through the injection process.

While epinephrine and naloxone have long been the recommended first-line treatments for anaphylaxis and opioid overdose emergencies, patients and caregivers have had limited options for administration outside a healthcare setting. AUVI-Q and EVZIO were developed using human factors and usability engineering principles in accordance with FDA recommendations and guidance to manufacturers. With the prevalence of both allergies and opioid emergencies continuing to rise, Evan and Eric made it their mission to offer products that were designed to be convenient to carry and easy to use without hesitation or the need for training.

Additionally, the brothers believe novel, user-friendly devices and medicines alone will not be enough to transform healthcare—access is essential. To that end, kaléo created an access program, which makes AUVI-Q and EVZIO available to all patients at-risk who also have commercial insurance for $0 out-of-pocket, including those with high deductible plans.

The brothers’ determination, along with their kaléo colleagues, to implement a bold access program has deepened the conversation surrounding drug pricing and what pharmaceutical companies can do to help patients within the confines of the current healthcare system. Most importantly, Eric and Evan’s inventions have helped to save more than 3,100 lives to date—there is nothing more inspiring than that.



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