ELITE Entrepreneur Robert G. Previdi of PSKW, LLC

Robert G. Previdi






Founding Father of Co-pay

Dubbed the “founding father of co-pay,” Robert Previdi was one of the first to recognize the need for effective methods to encourage product trial and minimize Rx abandonment due to the ever rising costs of patient co-pays. And under his steady hand, PSKW has been at the forefront of the co-pay assistance industry—and continues as its innovation leader today.

Robert started his career as a successful sales rep at Bristol-Myers Squibb, and then began moving up the ranks at Abbott. At age 27, he was brand manager of one of Abbott’s largest products. But he left the company the next year to join his father’s business, beginning a 15-year series of entrepreneurial adventures that continue to this day.

In 2002, he founded Touch Tone Media, Inc. (“Touch Tone”), a predecessor to PSKW, to be a driver of co-pay assistance programming and leading-edge technology-driven adherence-support programs. Since then, Touch Tone, and later PSKW, have been responsible for a number of industry firsts. For instance, Touch Tone was the first company to link a patient benefit provided by the manufacturer to the claim adjudication process, and PSKW was the first to introduce a two-part Dual Card, which allows two different offers to be put on one card. And even as more companies enter this space and the government regulations continue to tighten, Robert is dedicated to finding new solutions to aid patients, such as Easy Save, a proprietary software application that prompts and enables pharmacists to apply appropriate co-pay support to prescriptions delivered via phone, fax or eRx before the patient enters the pharmacy—thereby reducing Rx abandonment.

Today, the co-pay assistance industry has exploded with new companies, dedicated conferences and controversies constantly emerging within this space. But Robert is always thinking—and has developed strategic partnerships to take advantage of technology that provides his clients with solutions in new and growing channels, such as creative payment options, eRx, smart apps and tailored consumer and physician messaging. It’s a sure bet that his next great idea will also change the industry as we know it.