ELITE Entrepreneur Paul Magelli of Apervita

Paul Magelli





A Health Analytics Pioneer

Paul Magelli has been a pioneer in the Big Data and analytics space since its inception. At Apervita, his four-year-old startup, Paul is reinventing the health analytics industry by freeing potentially life-saving discoveries from the pages of medical journals and quickly putting them into the hands of front-line clinicians.

Today’s health IT landscape is made up of siloed systems that create challenges for predictive analytics, care pathways, protocols, and other forms of medical knowledge to achieve real-world application and impact. However, at Apervita, Paul created a cloud-based marketplace in which leading researchers and clinicians can publish analytics—such as algorithms, pathways, and measures—and subscribers can then connect to this information, putting it into immediate practice in their own organizations.

Prior to his current venture, Paul created Apertio, a telecom data analytics platform that was acquired by Nokia-Siemens in 2008. After that acquisition, Paul’s focus turned to healthcare. Inspired by his own successful heart surgery at the Mayo Clinic, Paul offered his consulting services pro-bono to help the iconic medical institution determine its future digital strategy. This work identified a critical roadblock to patient care: While the industry is rich with potentially transformative healthcare discoveries, putting them into practice takes far too long—often 10+ years.

Solving this problem became Paul’s obsession and his inspiration for creating Apervita. The platform decouples data from analytics, so that the information can be rapidly operational, independent of the underlying complexities
of the data.

Quite simply, Paul’s innovation at Apervita changes everything: The best analytics can now be shared broadly, potentially impacting millions of patients with a single copy of a simple code.


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