ELITE Entrepreneur Nancy DeRobertis of MammoGRIP LLC

Nancy DeRobertis





Innovating in Mammography

In 20+ years as a radiologic technologist, Nancy DeRobertis held high standards for providing patients and imaging facilities the best care possible. She sought ways to improve upon routine procedures that in and of themselves had not undergone any significant changes.

Having performed thousands of mammography procedures and being a registered mammography expert with the American Society of Radiology Technologists, Nancy’s quest for improvements led her to discover and secure FDA approval for MammoGRIP™, which aids in breast positioning during mammography.

MammoGRIP is an elegantly simple foaming solution that radiologic technologists apply to their hands before conducting each breast image. It creates a sticky tacky surface on the hands that allows the technologist to position the breast with less retraction upon compression.

“The passion I have for excellence in women’s imaging is what led me to discover an improved way to perform mammograms with MammoGRIP,” Nancy explains.

Mammography is the best method available today to detect breast cancer early when it is most treatable. There are more than 40 million mammograms each year in the United States and 400 million worldwide. The Institute of Medicine workshop report, “Assessing and Improving the Interpretation of Breast Images,” acknowledges the role of consistent positioning in acquiring the most accurate mammography interpretation. The ability of technologists to achieve consistency in positioning the breast can be highly variable due to multiple factors.

MammoGRIP can be used with all breast imaging procedures and does not require any modification to existing equipment. It is approved for screening and diagnostic mammography. MammoGRIP is formulated as a fragrance-free, alcohol-free preservative-free non-rinse foam. While she did not set out to become an inventor, Nancy’s hope now is for MammoGRIP to become the standard of care in all mammography facilities—so technologists, radiologists and women themselves can benefit as much as possible from this critically important screening procedure.


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