ELITE Entrepreneur John Guarino of Guarino Haskins Market Access

John Guarino

President, Managing Partner

Guarino Haskins Market Access



Building a New Market Access Agency Model

To satisfy an industry need, one must recognize the opportunity to build a better model for success. John Guarino is building a new kind of market access agency: An agency that provides comprehensive brand solutions and shepherds its client brands to successful access.

In 2015, John launched Gaurino Haskins Market Access, to address this growing need by combining the experience of leading market access professionals with the power of creative talent to provide consulting and policy services, market access communications, payer public relations, research and analytics, digital decision models, account sales teams and training.

“Market access is the price of entry in pharmaceutical advertising these days,” says Dale Adams, Chairman and CEO of the DAS Group of Companies. “Brands can have the best professional and consumer campaigns, but unless they have market access, they won’t achieve uptake. At Guarino Haskins Market Access we have the right people with the right approach to help our clients achieve their goals.”

By blending payer marketing experience with forward-thinking creativity, John and his team are leading the way toward continued innovation in market access marketing. As he did with his pioneering work on understanding and utilizing FDAMA 114, John forges new avenues for pharma customers to influence payer stakeholders. “We Paint Math,” he says.

Johns wants the industry to understand the relevance and impact of how all of the components align: Payer medical, value proposition development, pharmacy benefit manager, payer quality and payer marketing, access and reimbursement, global access, cost analysis, and FDAMA 114.

“Brands live or die by their ability to secure and maintain access,” says John. “At Guarino Haskins, we have a deep understanding of the complexities of the payer space and the ability to help clients define and deliver the value of their brand.”

John knows this is an exciting time in healthcare—full of the need and opportunity to innovate in solving problems for clients. John’s deep understanding of healthcare, coupled with almost 30 years of market access expertise, and a healthy competitive nature, is transforming the industry’s understanding of market access.


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