ELITE Entrepreneur Dr. Theodore Search of Skipta

Dr. Theodore Search

Founder & CEO




Creating Collaboration With Verified Practitioners

By identifying a need within his profession and then succeeding in meeting that need, Dr. Theodore Search, PharmD (Ted) exemplifies what it takes to be a true entrepreneur. His story began when he first worked as a clinical pharmacist and was seeking critical information to ensure that a patient discharged into his care was appropriately dosed and treated with a newly approved drug in a very specialized therapeutic area. Ted, looking for clinical support, hoped to turn to his peers as they always serve as his top trusted resource.

Social media seemed the natural choice to find immediate virtual support—but the existing social platforms were broad-based, and therefore not appropriate for clinical discussion. But Ted, who had a passionate interest in digital technology, didn’t look for someone else to solve the problem he faced. Instead, he put on his best thinking cap.

Ted created a solution that mirrored the collaborative nature of social media channels, but within a safe and secure platform that ensured all communications and interactions would occur only among credentialed and verified practitioners—and the first Skipta community, Pharmacist Society, was born. The platform succeeded and provided an answer to the clinical need of Ted and his pharmacy colleagues. With that initial success, Ted realized that other healthcare professionals could also benefit from this technology and Skipta rapidly expanded.

Because of Ted’s vision, the Skipta network now boasts more than 30 specialized online medical communities for more than 600,000 verified healthcare professionals who collaborate and communicate in support of improved patient care.

Ted’s expertise and success has attracted invitations to speak at various conferences nationwide, he was named among the “Forty Under 40” for his achievements in social media. Skipta has received a number of awards, including the PM360 Silver honor for Trailblazer Supplier/Vendor of the Year.

By successfully identifying and meeting an unmet need, Ted built an amazing business that both exposed and closed a gap that now supports medical advancement and improves patient care. He’s a proven entrepreneur, which leads to the question, “What will Ted do next?”


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