ELITE Disrupter Stu Libby of Zipdrug


Stu Libby

Co-founder & CEO




Expediting Medication Delivery

With a history of executive leadership at companies including DoubleClick, Google, and Solve Media, Stu is a highly accomplished innovator who is not afraid to disrupt the marketplace. His entire career embodies a willingness to push boundaries in new ways through new technologies. However, it is his latest venture, Zipdrug, that has turned the pharmacy experience on its head.

In light of survey results that revealed patients rated their experience at the pharmacy lower than their experience at the DMV, Stu saw a massive opportunity. Not only is the pharmacy experience inconvenient and disliked, it also is currently seeing one out of three prescriptions abandoned, leading to non-adherence—directly attributed to 125,000 deaths and $300 billion in avoidable costs.

Stu and Zipdrug simplified the process in an intuitive and convenient way with technology that allows patients and caregivers to create and place an order for their prescriptions, pay for them, enter their insurance information, and have them delivered from any pharmacy of their choice within the hour—with just a tap of a button. The company then dispatches messengers to pick up the medications, all of whom have been through background checks and extensive training.

Zipdrug eliminated the need to visit a pharmacy for a prescription. The technology helped create a better experience and outcomes for patients and stakeholders. Zipdrug launched in NYC in 2015 and has been doubling in size every single month since.

Stu was not only willing to pioneer a business built on a new way of thinking, he was able to assemble funding and a team to effectively build new technology that leverages existing infrastructure to quickly and successfully get his platform to market. As a direct result of his success with changing the way patients get their medications, Zipdrug has become the leading prescription medication delivery company in a very short amount of time, having established partnerships with major players, including CityMD, giving patients the ability to opt-in to Zipdrug delivery at discharge raising the patient experience bar to new heights.

Stu is an overachieving disrupter who finds new ways to create efficiencies and conveniences in the market that shake up the status quo.


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