ELITE Disrupter Keith Pieper of Ferring Pharmaceuticals

Keith Pieper

Associate Director, Ferring Reproductive Health

Ferring Pharmaceuticals



Uniting Brands Under One Franchise

When Ken Begasse, CEO of Concentric Health Experience, first met Keith Pieper he was left with one indelible impression: Keith is fast. Really fast. Keith was quick on the uptake, direct to the point, and, as Ken would later learn, a speedy driver of goals. But Keith was also incredibly deliberate. That’s because Keith always has the bigger strategic picture in mind.

For instance, Keith united multiple reproductive health brands within Ferring Reproductive Health into a well-articulated and comprehensive franchise offering. Along with his agency partners, Keith led the way to crafting a unique and memorable franchise presence that is continuing to carve the leadership position in the market.

“It is a unique individual who can translate his own clarity of thought into concise, effective message delivery, honing strategic rationale for direction, and constantly finding solutions to the obstacles in his path,” Begasse explains. “It takes a deep understanding of agency resource management and a well-honed ability to hold colleagues accountable to the same high standards he holds for himself. Always taking purposeful action. Always driving to get the job done.”

Another example of Keith’s success came from his previous role as Head of Marketing for Urology. He acted as a key driver of double-digit yearly sales, which required strategic focus and ongoing collaboration between multiple departments. His distinctive imprint reached across channels and projects: Adding value to tactical planning, pushing the envelope on project development, taking the lead on brand refresh, mining creative concept insights from market research, creating a customer relationship management system within the buy and bill markets, and fortifying his brands’ health with his agency partners.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to learn that Keith has his roots in the United States Armed Forces. Pushing his way forward with a passion to lead, defend, and engage the world around him. This is evident in his ongoing accomplishments: Always making things happen and never tiring in the quest to deliver greatness in his work and to his teams.


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