ELITE Disrupter Jim Curtis of Remedy Health Media

Jim Curtis

Chief Strategy Officer & CRO

Remedy Health Media


Making Health Information Personal

Publishing flat encyclopedic healthcare content used to be the industry standard in communications. Jim Curtis, however, changed that when he inspired the Remedy team to instead portray the human side of health information—coupled with technology solutions.

Jim tasked his team with analyzing the different ways people consume non-health information—and they discovered that users showed deeper engagement with multimedia content using words, images, video and sounds. Jim then sought to achieve this high engagement within healthcare publishing—using data targeting and research—by telling emotionally charged personal stories in a multimedia immersive way—to inspire users at just the right moment.

One example of this is Remedy’s Live Bold, Live Now, including the Journey edition, which is a 20-minute immersive experience that tells a patient’s full story—from the moment of diagnosis through times of despair, and to the process of empowerment as the patient takes control of his health. From a recent visitor survey, Remedy found that people value this emotional connection:

  • 62% prefer stories about people like them vs. flat encyclopedic information
  • 90% were inspired
  • 96% would recommend the story to others
  • 76% learned something new about the disease

Live Bold, Live Now also inspires visitors to take action to reach their health goals. In fact, patients are twice as likely to research the advertised medication online and talk to their doctor about the medication—and three times more likely to request a prescription for the medication.

With this success in hand, Jim plans to expand the Live Bold, Live Now platform with more intimate personal stories in a shorter format (one to three minutes each). The spin-off, Live Bold, Live Now: Turning Points, is a conversation between a patient and a loved one who was instrumental in helping him reach a pivotal point with his condition. Jim also foresees the syndication of Live Bold, Live Now emotional personal stories into additional channels, including print and video programs at point of care.


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