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Elizabeth Elfenbein

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Making Social “Happier and Healthier”

Elizabeth Elfenbein has been creating buzzed-about, award-winning work throughout her 25 years in the business, but lately she has taken her talent for disruption to a new level with unforgettable, industry-first experiences that drive engagement and results. For instance, HealthAwareNext is an educational social platform that brings attention to a different disease condition or therapeutic area every month. Infographic posters, articles, videos and hashtags are distributed via Tumblr, Twitter and Facebook to spread awareness and prevention efforts. The goal is to create what Elizabeth calls a “Year of Disease Awareness”—and ultimately inspire healthier actions in daily life.

But that is only the latest example of Elizabeth’s work. She also founded HealthWellNext, a multichannel platform offering fresh perspectives from The CementBloc’s leaders on topics including the ramifications of Obamacare, the impact of wearable health and the crucial, yet overlooked role of the caregiver. She has also helped provide at-risk girls with a supportive, caring environment. Elizabeth led a 360° rebranding initiative for Girls Right of Way (GROW) with GROW SOLE at the center of the effort. The program started as a way for people to donate their gently used shoes to developing countries, but Elizabeth created a “sole-cial” experiment to drive further donations and spread the word via social media during Internet Week New York.

And, of course, there is Happy Fuel. Based on the well-documented connection between happiness and healthiness, Elizabeth wanted to create a social network that would combine the aspirations of happiness with the functionality of social media to create a way for people to “live in the happy.” Happy Fuel launched as a microblogging social network allowing people to collect, gauge and share happy moments and thoughts via an online and mobile app. Since its launch in 2013, Happy Fuel has won over 45 awards and was recognized at the 2014 Webby Awards as one of the best social media mobile apps.

And don’t think Elizabeth is even close to running out of innovative ideas. She is currently working on another industry first—this one centered on the caregiver. The details are being kept under wraps, but like everything Elizabeth does, it is something worth keeping your eye on.


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