ELITE Digital Crusader Rowena Kam-Bergman of inVentiv Health Public Relations Group

Rowena Kam-Bergman

Head of Digital & Social Analytics

inVentiv Health Public Relations Group


Uncovering the Patient Lexicon

“Rowena Kam-Bergman is a powerhouse,” says Meg Alexander, Head of Issues Management at inVentiv Health PR Group. “Her method of mapping the patient journey through digital and social behaviors is rapidly becoming a foundational communications planning method for many healthcare brands.”

In the two years since Rowena has returned to inVentiv, she has transformed the company’s approach to digital and social integration. “In just one or two short years, Rowena has grown her team four-fold,” explains Quyen Lam Yuen of inVentiv Health Public Relations Group. “A testament to the power of not just numbers and data, but also the value clients are seeing in how she has used digital analytics to counsel them.”

A major project Rowena led this past year was a social media conversion analysis and content recommendations for “Chronic Pain and Osteoarthritis.” The goal: Increase recruitment of patients onto two existing clinical trial studies and ensure a high-level of patient retention. In order to achieve the latter, Rowena had to ensure that the resource was in a lexicon in concordance with what these patients are familiar with in order to resonate and increase retention. To achieve this, and maintain that the verbiage was authentic, Rowena led research and analyses into the social media communities frequented by their key audience (adults suffering from chronic pain related to osteoarthritis) to really grasp what’s relevant to these individuals. After gaining an understanding of their audience, Rowena and her team devised an actionable media plan and created messaging guidelines used to adapt existing, or develop new, written and visual content.

“To differentiate the inVentiv Health patient recruitment offer, Rowena’s group has evolved how we approach the patient experience through research to create strategies that reflect the needs of real patients,” says Marie Emms, Director of Clinical Trial Recruitment at inVentiv. “Rowena’s development of landscape online analyses has helped inVentiv use real-world examples to show not only the information gaps that may exist within a disease population, but more importantly the lexicon patients use to describe their condition and communicate with each other.”


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