ELITE Digital Crusader Martin Dubuc of Aptus Health

Martin Dubuc

Chief Product Officer, GM International

Aptus Health



The HCP Digital Engagement Specialist

Engaging and educating millions of physicians across the globe is an ambitious and rewarding feat—one that requires the vision and tenacity of a digital innovator like Martin Dubuc.

Martin fell in love with biology as a child and says he even dreamed of becoming a life sciences researcher. But when it came time to choose a career, he decided his skills would best serve the healthcare system through technological innovation.

Working first at Pfizer, Martin then moved to Merck, where he led commercial model innovation and digital solutions to meet the needs of the 21st century physician. During that project, Martin realized that pharmaceutical companies needed new ways to demonstrate their value as part of the healthcare ecosystem solution.

In 2014, Martin joined Aptus Health (formerly Physicians Interactive) with the lofty goal of improving healthcare through web and mobile technology. His responsibilities include new product design, engineering, and product marketing, plus increasing the HCP platform collaboration and developing the company’s international business.

Under Martin’s leadership, Aptus has grown its HCP digital platform to serve 3.5 million physicians across 63 specialties, 20 languages, and 90 geographic markets through its web and mobile platform that yields more than 150,000 insights daily. Martin successfully integrated a range of products into the Aptus portfolio, with the mission of creating digital tools that meet the educational needs of HCPs in a collaborative environment with life sciences companies.

“Our goal is to create a lasting impact on physicians and ultimately the healthcare consumer,” Martin says. “We’re doing that every day by offering digital tools that offer opportunities for trustworthy exchanges between life sciences companies and doctors—building quality relationships that help improve care.”

One step toward that goal is a partnership with the non-profit Health eVillages to provide digital medical technology to doctors in remote and underserved settings such as in Kenya, Uganda, South Sudan, Haiti, India, and the United States.


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