ELITE Data Miner Kelly Myers of 81qd

Kelly Myers

Executive Vice President, Data Analytics



Techno Visionary Advances Data Analytics

A decade ago, Kelly Myers was a techno-prophet with a vision. The biopharmaceutical industry was threatened by a myriad of challenges—patent losses, generic competition, sales-force reductions, and fewer blockbusters in the pipeline—and Kelly wanted to help ease the industry’s burden. He pioneered a unique predictive modeling approach that helps biopharmaceutical and medical device companies identify influential physicians, target customer promotion, and eliminate inefficiencies in traditional sales and marketing techniques.

Tapping into his career-long background in life sciences sales and marketing, plus his expertise in health economics and outcomes research, Kelly pioneered some of the first physician-network influence models by combining pharmaceutical data with advanced analytics technologies developed by physicists. And he didn’t just focus on prescription data—Kelly insisted on using all healthcare encounter data, including ICD diagnosis codes, CPT codes, and laboratory data. He became one of the first in the industry to apply machine learning technology to these healthcare data sets—enabling machines to identify patterns in the data.

“Given his decades of thought leadership in the healthcare data-analytics space, Kelly brought an unprecedented level of expertise to our team and a growing suite of proprietary solutions at 81qd,” says Leon Behar, PharmD, Chief Executive Officer. “Thanks to his leadership, our products have set an industry standard for custom analytic solutions with the potential to revolutionize pharmaceutical marketing.”

Focusing on patients with often-undiagnosed (or misdiagnosed) rare diseases, Kelly and 81qd developed an analytic platform to facilitate early identification of these illnesses. They also evolved the focus of influence mapping technology from physician-to-physician interactions to all physician-patient contacts, literally expanding these encounters from millions to billions.

The actionable insights derived from sophisticated analytic solutions pioneered by Kelly have brought valuable applications to the biopharmaceutical industry.


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