ELITE Data Miner Iyiola Obayomi of Ogilvy CommonHealth Worldwide

Iyiola Obayomi

Senior Director, Marketing Analytics

Ogilvy CommonHealth Worldwide, part of WPP Health & Wellness

An Analytics Visionary

One of the most recent areas of transformation within healthcare marketing has been seen in the data, analytics, and measurement areas across all audiences. The explosion of technology has given way to new and unique ways of measuring the impact of the work on target customer segments. For this discipline to realize its full potential as a valued practice, it requires visionary leaders like Iyiola Obayomi.

“Iyiola and his consulting team are always hard at work, developing new, innovative methodologies to generate and integrate customer data into marketing programs to increase the effectiveness and return on client dollars invested in their business,” says Michael Parisi, Managing Partner at Ogilvy CommonHealth Worldwide. “He is a solution-minded leader who tackles even the most difficult of challenges head-on and with incredible enthusiasm.”

As the head of the agency’s Analytics practice for more than five years, Iyiola has evangelized the entire organization and its clients to think in new, unique ways about business. One of his accomplishments has been integrating his discipline into FUSION, Ogilvy’s “go to market” planning process, enabling the business to think more in terms of quantitative rigor, insights, and accountability.

Working closely with business leaders, he has also developed new ways of sizing markets and forecasting, and measuring the impact of communications programs and ongoing media optimization—even in the ideation phase of new technology development. He and his teams are involved in all of the agency’s new business efforts, contributing throughout the entire process, from insights through campaign development and measurement. Recently, in support of one of the organization’s animal health clients, he and his team conducted an extensive review of a cross-channel consumer pilot program that evaluated and identified both the impact of the campaign as well as the optimal channel mix (by geography) needed to most effectively move the market in designated target geographies.

“Iyiola’s unbridled enthusiasm and burning passion for insights and analytics have led to significant contributions within the organization and across our clients’ business,” Parisi adds. “He is a valued member of the team, loved and respected by all.”


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