ELITE Data Miner Denis Wyrwoll of Healthcasts

Denis Wyrwoll

Vice President, Business Intelligence


Uncovering What HCPs Need

Denis Wyrwoll came to Healthcasts in 2015 with the perfect background needed to bridge the educational gaps of doctors. Spending several years at ZS Associates and McKinsey as a consultant, Denis spent several more at Pfizer as Director of Business Analytics and Insights. With his understanding of pharma and significant analytical prowess, Denis elevated Healthcasts’ game in assessing the needs of doctors, and fine-tuning that wisdom into actionable messaging for pharma companies.

Healthcasts’ treasure trove of information is ideal for Denis to work with. In the past 15 years, Healthcasts’ over 100,000 member physicians have engaged with 130 annual brand campaigns on average, resulting in more than 400,000 HCP engagements to analyze each year. The company also runs more than 30 market research surveys each year, resulting in answers to more than 4,000 industry questions. By analyzing the choices of those doctors, Healthcasts is able to provide manufacturers with refined and targeted information that helps them approach professionals more precisely.

“This is Denis’ sweet spot,” says Erik Dalton, EVP of Healthcasts. “As we help companies put together campaigns, Denis and his team evaluate our physician profiles to recommend optimal segmentation and impactful messaging. Then they continually analyze the results, including the program’s most recent interaction data, Rx data, and qualitative information, to make the next project even more effective.”

As Healthcasts membership profiles continue to grow, Denis and his team discover more about what physicians know and don’t know with each sponsor or “independent” interaction. In the end, it’s this insight that improves prescribing behavior, which of course leads to better clinical outcomes for patients.

The most satisfying part of this process for Denis: Translation. “I like taking our analysis and explaining it to companies and agencies in language they can understand. It’s seeing their appreciation of how this impacts their strategy that makes my job worthwhile.”

All of this completes the ideal cycle: From knowing what doctors want, to helping companies offer that to the right professionals at the right time, to the ultimate goal of enhancing patient treatment.


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