ELITE Data Miner Dan Stein of Crossix Solutions

Dan Stein

SVP, Analytics Services & Product Strategy

Crossix Solutions


Transforming Programmatic and TV Analytics

“Dan Stein is constantly driving our business forward,” says Asaf Evenhaim, Co-founder and CEO of Crossix Solutions. “His creative approach to data analytics and problem solving has enabled Crossix to develop multiple, game-changing solutions for the industry.”

Dan spearheaded the creation of Crossix’s programmatic audience modeling and targeting solution, Digital Connect™. Launched in 2014, this HIPAA-compliant solution goes beyond traditional demo/geo- and contextual-based targeting approaches by leveraging a wide breadth of audience data sets across demand-side platforms, data management platforms, online publishers, mobile ad partners, and other key ad tech platforms across the programmatic media landscape. Within its first two years, more than 20 pharma companies and 30 media agencies have leveraged Crossix’s 200+ audience models developed to date, across more than 150 unique brand campaigns.

Another key achievement: Crossix Digital Impact for Agencies™ (DIFA™), a cloud-based analytics solution that uses actual clinical, Rx, and OTC treatment data in a privacy-safe way to enable ongoing optimization of digital advertising campaigns, across display, video, and mobile. With DIFA, agencies can better understand if their campaigns are reaching the right audiences, driving doctor visits and key health behaviors (such as diagnoses and lab tests), and generating Rx/OTC sales. In 2016, Dan and his team updated the platform to incorporate a greater breadth of clinical metrics and enable ad placement level optimization. Crossix also recently launched DIFA Search™, for SEM campaigns and DIFA Site™, which complements traditional site metrics by analyzing post-visitation health behaviors such as doctor visits and conversion to brand.

In the TV space, Dan has engineered multiple partnerships, including Crossix and Nielsen Catalina Solutions’ collaboration that led to the creation of AdVantics™ Rx, which combines the data assets of both companies to enable ongoing optimization of current and future TV campaigns using predictive health data. AdVantics Rx clients leverage the tool to identify the programs, networks, and dayparts with the highest indices of reaching audiences likely to treat within a condition category or with a specific drug brand. Since its launch two and a half years ago, AdVantics Rx is now used to optimize more than 25% of all DTC broadcast media impressions in the U.S.


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