ELITE Creative Director George Pearson of Virgo Health

George Pearson

Account Director, Creative and Design

Virgo Health

The Go-To Pro

Creativity, digital savvy, and adaptability are just three of the qualities that have served George Pearson well over the years. Joining Virgo Health’s London office in 2011, those qualities were quickly recognized by the agency and its clients, who were delighted by his keen, creative intuition. George also had a backpack full of ideas that not only wowed his team members but clients too.

After Susan Cuozzo established Virgo’s NYC office in 2012, winning the agency’s first account with Merck in 2013, she became pregnant. George was recruited to join her and push the business forward. He adapted quickly to life in the U.S.—performing several jobs at varying levels at once—and remained true to Virgo’s creative vision for clients. As the agency grew, won more accounts, and hired additional team members, George dedicated an increasing amount of time to bringing strategic creativity to the agency’s deliverables, impressing clients on the way to helping build the company’s business portfolio.

The thing is, George knew how to break down the “wall of words” that many clients grappled with. Using insights into user experience and graphic design, George brought dense and impenetrable data to life through visually appealing presentation. For example, after winning an account with Lilly, the new clients explained that following the pitch process, their ultimate decision had hinged on the power and clarity of the message Virgo delivered, something that was achieved under George’s strategic and creative direction.

Ensuring Virgo’s team demonstrates ingenuity while maintaining an accurate, compliant message for its clients is George’s driving force. Clients appreciate this, along with his personable disposition. He knows pharma’s regulation boundaries and successfully navigates them. His killer insights have brought life to even the most rote information through slide decks, moderator guides, and video storyboards. And on digital matters, George is the go-to digital pro who convinced one client who could not see digital’s value to get on board (and delivered a highly successful project!). He simply has a distinct appeal that clients love—and that’s been instrumental building and maintaining a thriving business. Expect more from George—it’s coming!


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