Elite 2024 Transformational Leader Jenna Mitby-Manning of Klick Health

Jenna Mitby-Manning

Managing Director
Klick Health

Pioneering Customer-Centric Solutions

To describe Jenna Mitby-Manning as a Transformational Leader would be a double entendre.
According to Ryan Slipakoff, Chief Transformation Officer at Klick Health, she’s a one-of-a-kind leader.

“Jenna is a singular talent, an amazing leader, and a true unicorn. She is fearless in taking on new challenges, passionate about improving healthcare, and loves to build things that have never been done before.”

On the other hand, Andy Elefante, a Klick Managing Director, says she’s one of the industry’s greatest transformation experts. “Jenna’s approach to problem-solving is a masterclass in creativity and pragmatism. Jenna’s expertise extends far beyond the realm of digital transformation. She possesses a holistic understanding of commercial operations, and her insights have been nothing short of transformative for our organization and clients.”

Both are right.

As Managing Director of Klick Health’s Enterprise Business Group, Jenna brings 15+ years of industry experience in data, technology, innovation, and transformation to life sciences clients at the world’s largest independent healthcare agency. At Klick, Jenna plays a pivotal role in reshaping how clients use AI, data, and technology to improve outcomes. She leads a diverse and growing team whose work sits at the crossroads of the complex healthcare commercialization landscape.

After just over a year at Klick, Jenna was charged with the responsibility for reengineering Klick’s offerings and operating model for the future through automation, innovation, and efficiency gains.
Throughout her career, Jenna has partnered with eight of the 10 largest global pharmaceutical companies, pioneering customer-centric solutions in therapeutic areas, such as oncology, immunology, diabetes, and respiratory. As one client commented, “I have had the privilege of witnessing Jenna’s contributions and impact firsthand. Jenna is a visionary with an unwavering commitment to pragmatic innovation. She’s helped us to identify emerging trends and technology, allowing us to push our boundaries, while better anchoring to our customer’s needs.”

With her unique blend of skills and experiences across data, technology, innovation, and transformation, Jenna is a pioneering force in the healthcare industry. Her passion for creating customer-centric solutions, ability to think innovatively, and strategic brilliance primed her to propel the industry into the future.


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