Elite 2024 Data Miner Ramaa Nathan of EVERSANA

Ramaa Nathan

Vice President, Data Science & RWE Insights

Using Data to Enhance Patient Outcomes

In the vast landscape of healthcare data, where numbers often resemble uncharted territories, Dr. Ramaa Nathan, PhD, Vice President of Data Science and RWE Insights at EVERSANA, emerges as a true pioneer.

At the helm of EVERSANA’s Data Science and RWE Insights team, Ramaa works to transform raw data into actionable insights. Working hand-in-hand with the clinical team led by Dr. Pierantonio Russo, Corporate Chief Medical Officer at EVERSANA, Ramaa ensures that all data science work is supported by clinical evidence. Her commitment is reflected in the development of over $15 million worth of clinical research and commercial studies for rare diseases within six months, spanning multiple therapeutic areas. Using AI and large language models (LLMs), Ramaa delivers qualitative studies quickly and at scale.

Collaborating with the National Institutes of Health and a consortium of academic researchers, Ramaa spearheaded real-world data research on multiple rare diseases. Her innovative approach to extracting meaningful patterns from complex datasets has contributed to multiple scientific advancements.

“Ramaa has recently initiated standard processes that have made a significant impact in accuracy and efficiency.”

As a leader of a global team of data scientists, Ramaa has actively contributed to development of sophisticated analytic models. Combining machine learning and traditional statistical methods, she has enhanced predictive studies and paved the way for advancements in patient care.

Ramaa has recently initiated standard processes that have made a significant impact in accuracy and efficiency. EVERSANA’s Data and Analytics team now utilizes claims data to build real world data-based KOL referral maps that build communities of providers using graph machine learning and a new two-step machine-learning integrated method of outcomes modeling.

She regularly collaborates with industry leaders beyond the EVERSANA walls. From “PSAT095 Examination of Treatment Patterns in Patients with Classic Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia Compared to Treatment Guidelines” (a collaborative effort between ten other researchers) to “The IDeaS initiative: pilot study to assess the impact of rare diseases on patients and healthcare systems.” (spanning seven authors) Ramaa knows that large data requires large group efforts to maximize knowledge and thus maximize patient outcomes.

Dr. Ramaa Nathan stands as a beacon of innovation and expertise. She is far more than a data miner; she is a visionary shaping the future of healthcare analytics, one insightful discovery at a time.


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