ELITE 2023 Transformational Leader Taylor De Block of Propeller

Taylor De Block

SVP, Group Account Director


Reshaping How Agencies Function

“Not only does Taylor De Block have the ability to work within the system and deliver greatness, but she thinks beyond the black and white,” says Charlie Flax, Propeller’s CEO and Founder. This skill of creatively reimagining roles, business, and process have allowed Taylor to build a better way for how the agency partners with clients and delivers digital excellence.

Since Propeller joined Omnicom Health Group (OHG) in 2022, Taylor has played a key role in reshaping how agencies function with a unified operations model to bring clients stronger, more efficient workflows. She is paving the way for cross-agency collaborations and redefining the process for working with a point of contact to streamline client communications. She also implemented this way of working to win a new business opportunity that brings in multiple OHG agencies.

Taylor also played an important role in enhancing internal teams and processes by aiding in the roll out of a new Project Management department of 15+ team members and contributing to the launch of a reimagined Experience Strategy department. Taylor and her team developed a financial tracking process that streamlined operations by creating internal and external tools for tracking pharmaceutical business.

Another unique trait of Taylor’s is her ability to use obstacles as fuel. In 2019, a failed Phase 3 trial on her main account forced her to find new pharma opportunities while simultaneously navigating the COVID-19 pandemic. She rose to the occasion and acquired new clients across therapeutic areas such as respiratory, immunology, cardiology, and oncology that continue to contribute to Propeller’s ongoing growth today. Taylor owned less than $1M in project revenue at the end of 2019—that grew to $12M in 2022.

Taylor has also taken a leadership role in how Propeller supports DE&I both internally and in client business planning. For example, Taylor was part of the team that executed an Instagram and Facebook HCP social campaign for one of her clients that recognized and empowered female gastroenterologists for International Women’s Day. This was in response to research that revealed underrepresentation of female HCPs working in gastroenterology. Performance surpassed media benchmarks and delivered a 4.7% click-through rate.


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