ELITE 2023 Transformational Leader Scott Schappell of Health Union

Scott Schappell

Chief Revenue Officer

Health Union

Structuring Sales for Optimal Results

Scott Schappell has more than 30 years of experiences in the industry, with the first 10 spent in pharma sales and marketing roles and the past 20 transforming sales structures at healthcare companies of varying sizes, in different stages of their lifecycle, including Sharecare, QualityHealth, HealthiNation, and Catalina Health Resources. Most recently, his experience has been instrumental in rethinking Health Union’s approach aligned with evolving business needs.

Since its founding in 2010, Health Union has increased its portfolio of condition-specific online health communities, the number of conditions it addresses, and the number of people it reaches, exponentially. With that growth, Health Union has successfully worked with partners across the life sciences industry to help them better understand how to engage and connect with people living with these conditions. With this solid foundation already in place, Scott implemented a new full-service approach to the sales organization, designed to facilitate further alignment with client needs and support the company’s ability to scale up.

The redesigned structure triangulates the efforts of business development, strategic account direction, and sales support to streamline and effectively develop client relationships. Through this updated way of working, Scott has put the sales team and Health Union in an ideal position to strategically meet customer needs while being solution-focused.

In establishing the structure, Scott incorporated his desire to leverage people’s strengths. He met with every member of Health Union’s sales team to better understand their goals, strengths, and career aspirations. Those conversations helped to guide the updated structure design but also, importantly, helped align individuals with the most appropriate roles and identified areas of short- and long-term development.

Thanks in large part to his leadership and his focus on value and growth, Health Union is experiencing early signs of growth from the restructure. This includes an approximately 30% increase in client engagement, a roughly 40% increase in new clients for Health Union’s premier programmatic offering, and the development of three new product solutions to address client needs.


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