ELITE 2023 Transformational Leader Sayee Natarajan of RxDataScience

Sayee Natarajan

Chief Executive Officer & Co-founder


Better Results—Faster Than Ever Before

When Congress passed the Consolidated Appropriations Act—with specific diversity requirements—last December, RxDataScience, a Syneos Health company, was already hard at work on the issue, thanks largely to the work of Sayee Natarajan.

Sayee is reshaping the way the industry leverages data to understand the patient journey, profiles sources of diverse patient populations, and quantifies the doctors likely to reach those patients. In his role at RxDataScience, Sayee’s teams have engaged in multiple pharma projects that accelerate the transformation of raw data to analytics, supporting cross domain real-world data analytics.

Current work includes developing programs that give business users new ways to gain new insights from data. The resulting projects deliver more accuracy, reduced costs, and fewer uncertainties from the clinical trial process, which allow faster identification of site selection trends, enrollment timelines, and ultimately, faster routes to treatment.

“Sayee Natarajan has delivered multiple transformational systems for Syneos Health throughout 2022,” says Larry Pickett, Chief Information & Digital Officer at Syneos Health. “The Product Delivery Center system transformed the way over 2,500 clinical project managers access critical information needed to deliver clinical trials. By leading the internal analytics workstream, Sayee has enabled Syneos Health data scientists to deliver cutting-edge predictive algorithms to improve the effectiveness of site selection and patient enrollment for clinical trials.”

Sayee has an amazing ability to rapidly develop working prototypes based on innovative technologies. When the FDA issued updated guidance on diversity in clinical trials last April, his team built a new analytical platform to identify diverse patient populations who meet clinical inclusion/exclusion criteria. They completed this task in about six weeks.

Sayee’s work with high-performance computing systems allow for the simulation of human biology, disease progression, and drug pharmacology to improve clinical trial design. Under his leadership, Syneos Health is firmly on its way to an insights-driven future—one that will shape the way medicines are developed and impact patient lives for decades to come.


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