ELITE 2023 Strategist Joe Fullmer of Sharecare

Joe Fullmer

Director, Media & Member Acquisition


Zero Cookies for Zero-Party Data

Today, strategists must be more adaptable, cutting-edge, and agile than ever before. Joe Fullmer exhibits these qualities along with exceptional leadership that have proved instrumental in driving the growth of Sharecare Life Sciences.

Joe has championed the concept of zero-party data at Sharecare, a major competitive advantage for the company. The trend is on the rise—for good reason. Independent third-party measurement companies have reported 20-30% performance gains for clients using ID-based targeting with Sharecare.

Pioneering the future of data addressability, Joe has cultivated strategic partnerships with industry leaders such as LiveRamp and The Trade Desk, driving Sharecare’s mass adoption and scale of ID-based cookie-less data addressability—a timely feat that occurred just as Chrome deprecated the use of third-party cookies.

Additionally, Joe has prioritized underserved patient populations through multicultural targeting, which enables Sharecare and its partners to tailor messaging to various audiences. Recently, Joe’s team created a Resource Center focused on racial disparities in metastatic breast cancer, using a multicultural member reach to programmatically target and engage underserved groups. The click-through rate in the Resource Center was 6x the industry benchmark.

To uphold consumers’ data privacy, Joe also built a foundation for achieving automated regulatory compliance with the California Privacy Rights Act, and ensures advertiser requests for “do not target” are honored.

Denise Esakoff, SVP, Strategic Performance at Sharecare, says, “Joe has a natural curiosity about the how and why of digital advertising that compels him to seek ways to optimize, connect with, and motivate audiences. He has been instrumental in bringing these innovative approaches to the broader team at Sharecare.”

His contributions to Sharecare’s growth and success over his 13-year tenure at the company are remarkable. His visionary approach to zero-party data, targeting, and privacy as well as effectively reaching underserved patient populations have helped set Sharecare apart as a leader in the industry.


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