ELITE 2023 Sales MVP Kelly Heath of Galderma Laboratories, L.P.

Kelly Heath

Vice President, Sales U.S. Aesthetics

Galderma Laboratories, L.P.

The Aesthetics ACE

Kelly Heath’s motivation and life motto is “heart before mind,” which she has used to help distinguish herself as an exceptional sales leader throughout her 18-year career. She leads with strength, kindness, and a customer-first mindset. These admirable traits and positive energy have helped Kelly facilitate strong relationships with both her salesforce team and her customers.

Prior to Galderma, Kelly began her career in the pharmaceutical space as a cardiovascular drug representative and was quickly promoted to specialty projects. After a year, she shifted roles and began her long-standing journey with Galderma. Kelly’s first role was in the Prescription Business Unit selling rosacea products, where she stayed for several years perfecting her sales craft. After six years of dominating the prescription business, Kelly sought a career shift.

In 2014, she started in the Aesthetics Business Unit as an Account Manager for Galderma’s iconic aesthetic brands. Her dedication and ambition didn’t go unnoticed as she received several esteemed awards to recognize her achievements, including Rookie of the Year, Presidents Impact Award, Inner Circles Award, and was nationally ranked number two salesperson out of 167 Galderma sales individuals.

She has only kept piling up accomplishments since then. The ASPIRE Galderma Rewards Program is one of the most notable loyalty programs in the aesthetics industry. In 2015, Kelly won the ASPIRE Ambassador Award and the ASPIRE Connector Award for her devotion and dedication to this successful team. In January 2020, she became the first Associate Director of Aesthetics, Commercial Strategy, and Execution (ACE). Additionally, she launched the first Aesthetics Remote Sampling program in response to the global pandemic and created the first-ever Aesthetics Compliance Counsel, while acting as informal Chief of Staff among the Aesthetics Sales Leadership Team.

In December of 2021, Kelly became the first woman Vice President of Sales within Galderma U.S. Aesthetics, and in that same year Kelly won the Area Sales Director of the Year Award. Kelly continues to drive innovation and creativity within the sales team at Galderma through her collaboration, poise, and constant dedication to advance the future of aesthetics.


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