ELITE 2023 Mentor Julie Quarcini of EVERSANA INTOUCH

Julie Quarcini

Group Copy Supervisor


Developing the Next Great Copywriters

For Julie Quarcini, mentorship isn’t just a passion that allows her to share both her knowledge and love for the healthcare industry, but a second job.

At EVERSANA INTOUCH, Julie championed a groundbreaking recruiting offering, The Copy School. This is an 8-week program designed to provide aspiring writers with the information and training they need to succeed as an associate copywriter at EVERSANA INTOUCH. The Copy School has become essential for anyone wishing to expand their skillset and break into this competitive field.

So far, Julie has imparted her valuable knowledge and guidance to three semesters of students; and her mentorship, passion, and style is unparalleled. By teaching the key elements of copywriting and providing valuable feedback, Julie has changed the lives of Copy School grads, preparing her mentees to tackle the biggest challenges of their careers: Starting new careers!

One grad notes, “Julie made my aspiration of becoming an advertising copywriter a reality. I was a pastry chef! But by the end of the course, I had the skills and confidence to get hired—and have never looked back.”

Julie’s mentor-driven approach has struck a chord with so many; not just aspiring writers seeking to change careers, but seasoned professionals, as well. She took the Copy School curriculum and made it available to current copywriters looking to brush up on their skills or hone their craft. And it wasn’t just the curriculum she made available—she also made her time and expertise available to them.

Anyone who works in this business knows time is a premium commodity. So the fact that Julie does this all on top of her day job is an astounding, admirable accomplishment. Especially when you layer on the fact that she is the mom of two, both under age four! Julie’s passion and endless energy is contagious—and so many would not be in this business without her.


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