ELITE 2022 Transformational Leaders Jim Lang of EVERSANA and Faruk Capan of Intouch Group, an EVERSANA Company

Jim Lang


Faruk Capan

CEO, Intouch Group, an EVERSANA Company

A Perfect Match

Jim Lang, CEO of EVERSANA, and Faruk Capan, Founder and CEO of Intouch Group, recently merged into a bigger, better EVERSANA. Lang led the growth of EVERSANA in just three short years since it launched to be the premiere commercialization partner in the pharmaceutical and life sciences industry. Capan grew the agency he built from his basement in 1999 to become a global powerhouse.

When these two rockstar leaders decided to join forces, there’s no doubt that something special happened.

Lang and his team were always keen to add the best of the best in the life sciences industry to EVERSANA. Of the 16 companies that have become a part of EVERSANA since 2018, all share a passionate commitment to company’s beliefs.

Lang’s team already had a marketing agency arm in EVERSANA ENGAGE, with 200+ employees across the U.S. and partnerships across the globe to bring best-in-class marketing and market access campaigns to healthcare providers, payers, and patients on behalf of clients.

What made Intouch Group attractive was not only their reach as a top 10 healthcare agency in the U.S., but also, the immediate connections sure to add value to a growing global clientele. Together, the strengths of each organization would create a better commercialization vehicle for clients. The merger became finalized in December 2021.

Today, the combined marketing arm is not only a top three- to four-sized agency in the U.S., but also, a leader in transformational, digital media around the world. With over 1,600 creative-minded employees challenging the status quo, the merged team specializes in cutting-edge artificial intelligence, immersive experience, and more.

Through company launch meetings in early 2022, the two companies gelled quickly. Employees across the organizations came together to share their combined vision of a next-generation agency with revenues exceeding $300 million in 2021. With the combined leadership of Jim Lang and Faruk Capan, EVERSANA and its now combined agency team is looking forward to a new way of delivering next-generation campaigns and ideas in the pharmaceutical industry.


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