ELITE 2022 Transformational Leader Dr. Jessica Shepherd of Verywell Health

Dr. Jessica Shepherd

Chief Medical Officer

Verywell Health

Leading DEI Advancements in Healthcare

Jessica Shepherd, MD, MBA, FACOG, is a board-certified OB-GYN and the Chief Medical Officer for Verywell Health. She is the Founder and CEO of Sanctum Med + Wellness, a concierge practice in Dallas, TX, where she collaborates with a team of therapists, wellness coaches, nutritionists, exercise specialists, and other women’s health professionals.

Since joining Verywell in March 2021, Jessica helps oversee editorial initiatives, content integrity, and serves as a spokesperson for the brand.

She prioritizes Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion advancements in the industry; she helped launch Verywell’s Health Divide series, an editorial initiative designed to address health disparities experienced by people of color. Her Ask the Expert features in the series have been helpful in disseminating crucial health information to readers.

Jessica’s passion and knowledge about women’s health—from minority health disparities to reproductive justice issues—have led to speaking engagements at events ranging from WELL Summit to the 2020 Women’s March in New York City. She’s authored studies for medical journals and contributed to publications in Vogue, Essence, Cosmopolitan, and more.

She currently sits on the advisory boards for Ro Medicine, Women’s Health Magazine, AbbVie, Myovant, Responsum, Hologic, and HealthyWomen.org. Outside of Verywell, Jessica is part of many organizations to advance her passion for equal and inclusive healthcare, specifically for women. Some of those organizations include Advocacy Committee for Texas Women’s Foundation, Ba6E Community Outreach Organization, HealthyWomen, Alliance for Endometriosis, Responsum for Fibroids, and Ross University School of Medicine, to name a few.

Since joining the team, Verywell Health has seen 108% growth year-over-year and has helped 15.2M unique monthly U.S. users get the answers to their most pressing health questions. 


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