ELITE 2022 Tech-know Geeks Access Strategy & Marketing Team of ViiV Healthcare

Access Strategy & Marketing Team

ViiV Healthcare

Team Members:
Laura Wamsley, Director Access Strategy and Marketing – Oral Portfolio
Amanda Nowakowski, Manager Access Strategy and Marketing – Access Pull-Through

Increasing Access Awareness for HIV Treatments

Technology has the distinct power to dictate whether a patient receives the medication they need or if they are denied access. To the Access Strategy & Marketing team at ViiV Healthcare, the latter is simply unacceptable. Operating under this ethos, team leaders, Laura Wamsley and Amanda Nowakowski, initiated the creation of Access inSight (Ai), a best-in-class pull-through platform.

As the only pharmaceutical company solely focused on HIV and AIDS, ViiV Healthcare goes beyond developing medicines, but rather, takes a holistic approach in its mission to leave no person living with HIV behind. While ViiV is synonymous with excellence through the lens of medical discovery and creation, this coalition of changemakers recognized that, without real-time accurate coverage information, their medicines may never get into the hands of those most in need. As such, this team worked to innovate the technology needed to effectively communicate timely and trustworthy coverage information to HCPs so that they may confidently prescribe an appropriate option for their patients.

The result was Access inSight, a new, intelligent, pull-through platform that ensures access opportunities are clearly in view for territory account managers (TAMs) and the HCPs they call on and helps to remove barriers to access for patients impacted by HIV. This self-learning pull-through platform is fully integrated with Veeva, surfaces the most promising opportunities for TAMs, allows for customization, and provides reporting to both sales and marketing. Access inSight harnesses up-to-date data feeds to provide the most relevant messages for the situation within each practice and generates sales materials in multiple formats, all from a single, easy-to-use Veeva application.

Innovators, like Laura and Amanda, believe that transforming the HIV/AIDS landscape is not only a moral imperative but also an opportunity to reimagine what is possible. This team had a clear vision to ensure access awareness and turned one of the greatest barriers into the greatest opportunity for technological innovation. Their integrity and ingenuity will undoubtedly continue to transform and define the healthcare landscape for years to come.


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