ELITE 2022 Talent Acquisition Leader Amy Peek of EVERSANA

Amy Peek

Executive Director, Talent Acquisition, Field Deployment Solutions


Recognizing Top Sales Talent

In the U.S., there are an estimated 80,000 pharmaceutical representatives—highly trained sales leaders who connect and help clinicians understand the importance of drug therapies. Finding the right reps requires a proven talent acquisition leader who knows the industry, knows what people want, and, most importantly, is adaptable to change.

Amy Peek, Executive Director of Talent Management, has two decades of experience in multiple roles—including a stint as a pharma rep. This experience makes her an ideal talent acquisition partner at EVERSANA. She understands not only what clients need, but also, what makes employees thrive in their careers.

Amy’s success is based on three pillars of success—experience, evaluating candidates beyond the résumé, and establishing client buy-in. It’s proven successful in finding the right mix of talent for the company’s array of programs. In 2021 alone, Amy and her team successfully filled more than 400 open positions at EVERSANA to support the company’s COMPLETE Commercialization programs.

In another example, Amy’s team was tasked with hiring 35 sales specialists and directors for Evoke Pharma’s launch of Gimoti, a treatment for gastroparesis. All roles were filled in an average of 24 days from posting to offer acceptance.

Of course, the COVID-19 pandemic made talent acquisition difficult. EVERSANA’s Field Deployment team, like everyone, had to pivot to a virtual world. Undaunted, Amy led the effort to build new training and onboarding processes to ensure that the reps she and her team hired were equipped to thrive in each of their roles.

Amy’s contributions to EVERSANA and the Field Deployment Business Unit have made her instrumental to the organization’s success in the ongoing pursuit of talent. She’s a leader in every sense of the word, laser-focused on finding the right people at the right time and in the right place to help pharmaceutical clients get life-saving therapies to patients in need.


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