ELITE 2022 Master Educator Angie Drakulich of Remedy Health Media

Angie Drakulich

Executive Managing Editor, HCP

Remedy Health Media

Reaching the Heart of HCPs

Angie Drakulich isn’t just a leading editor on four Remedy Health Media sites for clinician education, she is a strategist that transforms data into actionable solutions that clinicians can put into practice. From psychiatry and endocrinology to chronic pain and spine management, the brands she leads support the efforts of HCPs to navigate every aspect of the patient management journey, from assessments and treatment plans to ongoing monitoring and care team collaboration.

With a deep understanding of the life sciences in medicine, from R&D to bedside manner, Angie is not afraid to spark challenging conversations. Her special reports on “The Depths of Racism in Psychiatric Care” won Silver and “Depression and Mental Healthcare in the U.S.” won Bronze in the Fall 2021 Digital Health Media Awards. To bring real-world experiences to these multimedia-based content packages, Angie cultivated a diverse group of leading experts across the country to get at the crux of major systemic healthcare gaps, including why mental health continues to be treated secondary to physical health.

While aiming to enrich clinical practice and move healthcare forward, the sites led by Angie also endeavor to invigorate purpose in clinicians’ lives. She has developed a series of Case Chat and Side Chat audiocasts that bring together pain specialists across a range of disciplines and career points to share their experiences with changing guidelines and complex cases, while her conversation series (PsyCast) on mental health provides an insider view of the life of a clinical psychologist. She’s also developed unique columns that offer views and perspectives from pharmacists, counselors, primary care physicians, and advance practice nurses, to name a few. These insights deepen collaboration and understanding of every healthcare professional’s crucial role in care teams.

Besides shining a spotlight on the underrepresented comorbidities and mental health issues that permeate all areas of chronic and complex disease, Angie strives to help healthcare professionals care for themselves as successfully as they care for their patients. Overall, the strategic tactics and voice shaped by Angie have helped physicians and advanced practitioners to absorb and apply the information they need to be successful in their practice and to reinvigorate their purpose in medicine.


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