ELITE 2022 Marketing Team Janssen Retinal Diseases Marketing Team

Janssen Retinal Diseases Marketing Team


Agency Partner: Entrée Health

Janssen Team Members:
Susan Harris, Market Access Marketing, Strategic Customer Group
Christian Radick, Pricing Strategy, Strategic Customer Group
Dave Melita, Advanced Analytics Strategic Customer Group
Sheila Hickson-Curran, Medical Affairs Leader, Retinal Diseases
Leigh Denny, Value & Evidence Scientific Engagement, Retinal Diseases
Dejan Milentijevic, Real World Value & Evidence, Gene Therapy
Jeff Doherty, Patient Access & Affordability, Patient Engagement & Customer Solutions
Donna Hodge, Director of Marketing, Retinal Diseases

(Photo above: Top row, left to right: Christian Radick, Dave Melita, Dejan Milentijevic, and Donna Hodge. Bottom row, left to right: Jeff Doherty, Leigh Denny, Sheila Hickson-Curran, and Susan Harris.)

Bringing Clarity to the Retina Space

How do you pave the way for innovation? That is what the Janssen cross-functional team has been doing every day as they prepare for the launch of a unique treatment for an ultra rare form of inherited retinal disease, the first in the Janssen retina pipeline.

The team is working collaboratively across Medical and Value & Access teams to shape the clinical marketing communication around x-linked retinitis pigmentosa for this ultra rare inherited retinal disease. Leadership meetings at pivotal moments ensure pull through of strategic alignment from top to bottom. Through these efforts, each discipline’s voice is heard, and the full team contributes to the marketing process.

Not only are the Retinal Medical, Value & Access, and Marketing teams working cross-functionally, they’re learning best practices from their colleagues in other therapeutic areas across the gene/cell therapy space as they seek to understand the market dynamics for launch. The team has been leading efforts to pave the way beyond just educating on this specific inherited retinal disease; they developed a resource to communicate the value of gene/cell therapies and the impact they can bring to halting or even curing certain diseases.

A key insight the team has also discovered is the need to consider access decision-makers beyond the traditional payer. These insights and efforts aim to equip the team with the ability to get ahead of potential challenges and opportunities that could affect their success with these key constituents.

As this team continues to work together and build on their initial early marketing efforts, one thing remains abundantly clear: their passion and commitment for helping people with vision loss and serving as a guiding light to their colleagues and the industry.


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