ELITE 2022 Marketing Team Client Marketing Team of Informa Pharma Intelligence

Client Marketing Team

Informa Pharma Intelligence

Team Members:
Chris Sadler, Director of Market Engagement, Planning and Operations
Andrea Charles, Head of Custom Content
Ben Parkes, Senior Marketing Program Manager
Maire Gerrard, Managing Editor, Custom Content
James Moore, Marketing Program Manager
Ellie McCall, Marketing Program Manager
Lori Ellis, Custom Content Writer

(Photo above: Left to right: James Moore, Ben Parkes, Chris Sadler [on screen], Maire Gerrard, Ellie McCall, Lori Ellis [on screen], and Andrea Charles.)

Delivering Critical Information

When marketers scrambled to adapt to virtual life during the lockdown, the Informa Pharma Intelligence Client Marketing Team was ready to support its clients. Between 2020 and 2022, the team delivered more than 265 custom content marketing campaigns, achieved over 44,000 content downloads and virtual event registrants, and grew the marketing services business considerably, despite pandemic-related challenges.

Using a variety of digital tactics, such as multi-day virtual events, industry trend reports, online panel discussions, qualitative user interviews, and direct messaging, the team was able to successfully drive business, launch new products, and target new markets for over 105 life sciences clients despite a global pandemic wiping out most of their own marketing and lead-generation activities.

For many life sciences companies, the pandemic wreaked havoc on supply chains, stalled clinical trials, shut down R&D facilities, and paused collaboration across the industry, an unprecedented threat to the development, manufacture, and distribution of life-changing medicines. During this time, the thought leadership content and insights shared by the team proved invaluable insight to the industry, as these campaigns contained solutions and suggestions on how to manage the unforeseen challenges brought on by the pandemic.

Some of the more notable campaigns included: a 12-part content program exploring the challenges and opportunities across multiple aspects of decentralized clinical trials; a half-day virtual event exploring the full potential of gene therapy; and a series of expert panels on lessons learned during the pandemic in regard to maintaining supply chain, sustainability, digitization, and manufacturing efficiencies.

Aside from delivering critical information to help the industry progress through the pandemic period, the Informa Pharma Intelligence team helped further collaboration in many other areas. During this period the team invited over 100 leading industry experts and thought leaders from around the globe to join together and contribute to a wide range of panels, workshops, focus groups, and webinars. Due to the efforts of the team in curating these events, new partnerships and connections were forged between experts who may otherwise never have had the chance to meet.


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