ELITE 2022 Environmental Champions Impetus Digital Green Team

Impetus Digital Green Team

Impetus Digital

Team Members:
Alyssia Grant, Director of Operations
Cecilia Petrus, Communications Director
Dan Wells, Product Development and IT Project Manager
Holly Lam, Senior Digital Solutions Specialist
Kirsti Heitz, Marketing Director
Linda Perfetto, Account Director

(Photo Above: Clockwise: Alyssia Grant, Linda Perfetto, Holly Lam, Cecilia Petrus, Kirsti Heitz, and Dan Wells.)

Becoming Carbon-neutral by 2025

Founded in September 2020, the Impetus Digital internal environmental committee (fondly referred to as the “Impetus Green Team”) is proving a force to be reckoned with. The small-but-mighty six-person team leads the company’s efforts towards becoming a more sustainable business, educating and inspiring others on the way. What started off as a moonshot goal of becoming carbon-neutral by 2030 has turned into a detailed plan for how to get there as early as 2025.

The start of this team’s journey began by making Impetus Digital a Green Business Bureau (GBB) platinum-certified business in September 2020. To achieve this, they had to not only demonstrate that their business practices are highly sustainable but also complete a series of prerequisites, including developing a mission statement, sharing their current green accomplishments, and educating the entire company on ways to live and work sustainably.

By January 2021, Impetus Digital was selected as one of GBB’s top “Green Businesses Leading the Sustainable Business Movement.” Cecilia Petrus, leader of the Green Team, now sits on the GBB Member Advisory Council, an executive and leadership collaboration forum that meets quarterly to discuss sustainable business.

Some of the team’s recent green initiatives include becoming an official supporter of Tree Canada in February 2021 and committing to planting at least 400 trees per year across Canada. In April 2021, the team held their first-ever company-wide virtual Earth Week celebration. Team members took time out of their schedules to work on a green project of their choosing, including picking up trash, planting gardens, donating clothes and other household items, cooking vegan meals, building birdhouses, and much more. The team also hosted fun competitions and shared articles, videos, and zero-waste shopping and DIY tips.

In September 2021, the team officially launched the Impetus Digital Tree Planting Program. As part of this program, the company plants at least one tree for every new client project. In addition, they also plant trees on behalf of team members to celebrate their birthdays, work anniversaries, and other special occasions. At the time of writing, they have planted 1,101 trees—more than double their original goal.


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