ELITE 2022 Disrupter Daniel Hawkins of Avail Medsystems

Daniel Hawkins

Chief Executive Officer

Avail Medsystems

Supporting Medical Innovation Through Virtual Collaboration

Daniel Hawkins’ father, a physician, worked tirelessly to improve lives, one patient at a time. Daniel has a similar goal—but aims to help millions through healthcare innovation.

Early in his career, he logged nearly a quarter of a million miles on the road and in the air to consult with early adopters of medical devices, but felt that travel was an inefficient use of time and money. To counteract that waste, he founded Avail Medsystems in 2017, aiming to correct a slow and inefficient device implementation process through virtual collaboration.

Through Avail’s interactive livestreaming platform, physicians and key device experts now have remote access into the operating room. Avail’s complete hardware and software system, which consists of an operating-room console that broadcasts live video and surgical imaging modalities to remote iPads and laptops, brings experts together anytime, anywhere.

In five years, Avail’s platform has become integral to a growing client base. Doctors rely on its technology and global network of remote experts to collaborate during procedures. Avail’s capabilities have transformed the quality of life for device representatives, who no longer need to leave home (and vacation) in the middle of the night to support urgent procedures. Avail truly proved its value during the COVID-19 pandemic, as restrictions prevented in-person visits.

“The Avail platform vastly increases the number of experts I can reach while reducing time spent traveling,” says Dr. Sean Toomey, an orthopedic surgeon with Orthopedic Physician Associates of Proliance Surgeons, Seattle, Washington.

After graduating from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania with a degree in economics and earning an MBA from Stanford University, Daniel worked at Eli Lilly. Later, he served with Intuitive Surgical, where he helped develop the da Vinci robot. Before launching Avail, he helped found three startups. A named inventor on more than 160 patents and applications, Daniel was honored by Goldman Sachs in 2021 as one of its 100 Most Intriguing Entrepreneurs.


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