ELITE 2022 Digital Crusader Eric Redline of Ashfield Engage

Eric Redline

Senior Vice President, Engage Digital

Ashfield Engage

Humanizing Technology to Personalize Engagement

As the child of an engineer who pioneered the use of technology to plot chemical plants and an educator who stressed the human connection, Eric Redline credits this blend of influences to his recognition of how technology can be used to help others within the healthcare sector.

Joining Ashfield Engage in March 2020, today he leads a cross functional team supporting all Ashfield Engage specialist areas with a combination of technology, digital experience, and data and analytics. In this role, he continually innovates around the intersection of people, process, and technology to support business decisions and the engagement experiences of patients and HCPs addressed by Ashfield Engage.

One of his team’s biggest achievements to date is launching Ashfield Engage’s proprietary speech analytics platform, currently used by management to improve coaching and call outcomes. Drawing upon AI and machine learning, the platform is able to unpack the emotions in a call and present visualization on how these emotions change in the course of a conversation. By pushing the boundaries of AI and machine learning and adapting it to this novel use case, Eric and his team were able to deploy a call visualization tool that serves to improve the human-to-human connection.

The platform works with a color-coded word tagging process within deep, pre-defined categories to visually identify emotions expressed in a call. Machine learning assigns flags within the conversation based on the colored tag definitions. Analysts are able to quickly scan through the calls and physically visualize the call progression—how and when feelings have evolved, and sentiments changed through the course of the dialogue are clearly visible in the colors shown.

For Eric, although he sees AI speeding our ability to ingest, scan, and categorize millions of words, it is still a person who needs to interpret this categorization and leverage it into something actionable at a personal level. The Digital Crusader in Eric recognizes that the interplay between humans and technology is rapidly increasing, greatly impacting future engagement strategies he helps champion within Ashfield Engage. He looks to a future whereby using technology safely can fundamentally change healthcare.


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