ELITE 2022 Data Miner Mike Rousselle of OptimizeRx

Mike Rousselle

VP of Data Product


Making RWE Actionable

“Mike Rousselle has been a transformational addition to our data and AI team,” explains Steve Silvestro, Chief Commercial Officer, OptimizeRx. “As we started to scale our solution set last year, Mike successfully helped us implement faster and more efficient ways of ingesting disparate data. In his time here he’s already helped us be smarter about extracting key insights for our customers and their brands.”

Over the past year, Mike has led OptimizeRx’s AI team through the deployment of two key real-world evidence (RWE) solutions, each helping HCPs in the timely identification of when patients are eligible for therapy. One is a tailor-made RWE solution for a top pharma client that proactively provides visibility to doctors when Medicare patients’ treatment plans are at risk of lapse due to loss of coverage. This application of AI to data is helping the manufacturer determine when to notify physicians that patients in their panel may be eligible for financial assistance. This capability helps ensure that patients who qualify for therapy can continue to follow their physician’s preferred treatment plan without interruption due to new and/or unexpected out-of-pocket costs.

Another RWE solution helps HCPs in the timely identification of qualified patients for a client’s newly launched specialty treatment. Patients who qualify for this high-efficacy therapy, and who would greatly benefit from it, are hard to identify in a timely manner due to a range of factors in the usual course of treatment all occurring within a short period of time. Predictive engagement through RWE helps HCPs proactively identify those hard-to-find patients who qualify for this specialty medication in a timelier manner. The ability to reach patients and providers early is key to getting patients on track to better outcomes by providing them with the right information and support for their therapy journey.

Mike believes there is enormous potential to be achieved in deploying RWE and AI to further personalize message delivery for life sciences and to better connect treatments to patient outcomes. And this exciting future is what motivates Mike every day, to relentlessly innovate and continue making meaningful contributions to the life sciences and healthcare industries.


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