ELITE 2021 Transformational Leader Richard Vincent of FundamentalVR

Richard Vincent

Co-Founder and CEO


Leveraging Virtual Tech for Med Education

Richard Vincent is Co-Founder and CEO of FundamentalVR, a groundbreaking company and accredited education provider that specializes in medical VR, AR, and MR solutions. Its HapticVR technology mimics the physical cues of surgical actions, medical tools, and tissue variations allowing users to experience the same sights, sounds, and sensations as they would in the real world. The well-known Fundamental Surgery platform is the first in the world to combine VR, haptics (the sense of touch), deep data, and multimodal learning.

Richard led the company through the seismic economic and technological changes brought on by the 2020 pandemic that led to a surge in the use of immersive solutions and a permanent change in medical education. Over the last 18 months, Richard has overseen a number of strategic initiatives and product launches that have allowed FundamentalVR to help medical educators and life sciences companies meet the immediate and long-term impacts of COVID-19.

Richard helped launch @HomeVR, which brought Fundamental Surgery simulations to standalone headsets, such as Oculus Quest, providing a highly mobile and cost-effective way to expand immersive experiences to users remotely, anywhere. The company then globally deployed @HomeVR into residency programs at NYU Langone and St. George’s Hospital London to allow surgeons to continue their studies during the pandemic. Along with this, Fundamental VR launched Teaching Space, which allows multiple users to visit a virtual classroom—and ophthalmology capabilities—adding new procedures to its existing orthopedic simulations.

Additionally, at the height of the pandemic, Richard redirected FundamentalVR’s resources to work with Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust to create an online training course for nurses and doctors to learn how to set up and properly use ventilators. With many medical professionals coming out of retirement or working in a new department to help with coronavirus, this proved essential in helping hospitals beat the first wave.

Over the past few years, Richard has led FundamentalVR’s growth into a global company. His work has been critical to helping medical institutions, life sciences companies, and hospitals cope with the pandemic and make lasting improvements to how they train, meet, and bring products to market.


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