ELITE 2021 Transformational Leader Mathieu Letombe of Withings

Mathieu Letombe



Building an Ecosystem of Connected Healthcare

Mathieu Letombe joined Withings in 2011 shortly after the company launched as its first customer support agent, but now as CEO he’s responsible for launching innovative products, services, and divisions that are transforming the connected health industry.

Thanks to Mathieu and the team at Withings, the company has created the largest ecosystem of connected health devices available that capture more than 20 vital health parameters including blood pressure, ECG, weight, pulse wave velocity, heart rate, activity levels, sleep apnea, and sleep patterns. Mathieu has also been instrumental in pushing the company beyond consumer products. In 2019, he launched the company’s B2B division, Health Solutions, which is designed to meet the needs of medical professionals, institutions, payers, disease management programs, coaching platforms, and researchers.

One of the division’s offerings is MED·PRO CARE, a remote patient monitoring platform that allows caregivers, medical institutions, and private organizations to easily access and manage physiological data of multiple patients. Another is MED·PRO RESEARCH, which is a dedicated group that works with a wide-range of institutions and experts to use the company’s portfolio of connected health devices, medical metrics, and data analytical capabilities to gain valuable real-world evidence into a variety of health topics. MED·PRO RESEARCH has been involved in more than 100 clinical and academic studies by leading organizations such as Harvard University, Hôpital Européen Georges Pompidou, the American Medical Group Association, and Scripps Health.

Under Mathieu’s guidance, Health Solutions also reached a major milestone in February 2021, when it launched its first cellular devices that were created to remove the pain points associated with telehealth. The Withings Body Pro cellular smart scale and Withings BPM Connect Pro cellular blood pressure monitor significantly streamline the telehealth process by working straight out of the box and automatically transmitting accurate, secure data to HCPs.

Throughout the pandemic, Mathieu and his team have worked tirelessly to ensure that both consumers and medical professionals are supported with at-home connected devices to better monitor and understand people’s health. Their work includes providing a hospital in Munich with early units of ScanWatch, which tracks blood oxygen saturation, to incorporate into a COVID-19 patient monitoring project.


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