Jim Lang

Chief Executive Officer


Setting the Gold Standard for Commercialization

In the three years since the company launched, Jim Lang has sculpted EVERSANA into a catalyst for change in the life sciences industry. Through EVERSANA, Jim unites more than 3,000 global employees under one mission: supporting the healthcare ecosystem with patient-centered, value-based care—even in a year of unprecedented challenge.

In 2020, Jim led EVERSANA’s success with a record number of end-to-end commercialization deals for at least five new therapies. The company partnered with emerging pharma brands including Evoke and Macrogenics to leverage EVERSANA COMPLETE COMMERCIALIZATION, offering the full array of platform solutions to ensure a successful product launch.

Jim and his team are also always exploring opportunities to invest in technologies to fuel innovation while finding companies that can help drive EVERSANA’s mission. In 2019, the company added Alamo Pharma Services and BexR to its portfolio, building out EVERSANA’s field solutions services, which provide outsourced pharmaceutical reps, training, and recruiting services to clients. Later that year, EVERSANA added the value and evidence team from Cornerstone Research Group, bolstering the company’s real-world data (RWD) capabilities.

Despite global obstacles, EVERSANA did not slow its pace in 2020. In June, Jim’s team announced the addition of the data and analytics software company HVH Precision Analytics and their leading team of data scientists to help bolster the company’s new data and analytics group. Only months later, the team added Alkemy Partners, a leader in training in the life sciences industry, to fill the growing need for digital training capabilities.

In June 2020, the company also launched its own leading tech-enabled solution, ACTICS by EVERSANA. This AI and machine learning technology addresses critical challenges across the product lifecycle and patient journey. Not only does ACTICS deliver end-to-end commercial success for life sciences companies, but it also overcomes patient access and adherence issues, improving overall patient experiences and creating the next generation of patient services.

As Jim continues to grow and expand EVERSANA, he is also reinventing the meaning behind the “gold standard” of drug commercialization by improving the patient journey through agile commercial services.


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