ELITE 2021 Transformational Leader David Linetsky of Phreesia

David Linetsky

SVP, Life Sciences


Driving Life Sciences Growth with Meaningful Data

David Linetsky joined Phreesia as one of its first employees, and in the 15 years since, his impact has been nothing short of transformative—for both the company and the life sciences industry as a whole.

His most significant leadership achievement to date has been undertaking the restructuring, development, and leadership of Phreesia’s Life Sciences department in 2019. In a short period, he built the Life Sciences team from a small group of people from disparate departments to a thriving team of more than 50 people that continues to grow rapidly. David also helped develop the algorithms still used today in Phreesia’s PatientConnect platform to educate patients on conditions and treatments relevant to their care. And he founded Phreesia’s data science team and made it central to the PatientConnect platform, laying the foundation for data-driven products, operations, and decision-making.

David was also integral to Phreesia going public in 2019. He refocused his department on its mission to support and empower patients at critical moments in their healthcare journeys, and he reimagined Phreesia’s go-to-market strategy, eliminating the traditional sales model and creating a “Client Experience” team focused on building deeper and more trusted partnerships with life sciences companies and healthcare agencies. He also led the development of new internal controls and processes to ensure Phreesia consistently delivers on client commitments at a level of quality at or exceeding any expectation set with its partners.

Since the start of COVID-19, David has brought attention to issues facing ambulatory care providers during the pandemic. Using data from Phreesia’s clients—which include more than 1,800 provider organizations representing more than 50,000 providers, totaling more than one million visits a week—he co-authored reports with The Commonwealth Fund and Harvard University on the impact of COVID-19 on outpatient visits and conducted over a dozen webinars to inform the industry with relevant data, insight, and perspectives from HCPs.

David has also undertaken efforts to diversify hiring and leadership within Phreesia: 73% of his department and 82% of its leaders are people from traditionally underrepresented groups, and he consistently looks to diversify traditionally male-dominated panels, events, and committees by pushing for women at Phreesia to take part.


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