ELITE 2021 Tech-Know Geek Joseph Crapotta of The Bloc

Joseph Crapotta

Associate Director, Engagement Strategy

The Bloc

Reimagining the Multichannel Experience

Within The Bloc—and by its clients—Joe Crapotta is seen as the gatekeeper for digital process and excellence. In his three years at the agency, Joe has supported the launch of more than 10 branded and unbranded CRM/NPP programs, with at least 50% of them setting company-wide benchmarks for performance. He is a champion for his HCP and patient customers and is always able to find the common ground between partnership and promotion.

For example, working on Rexulti HCP he helped push the boundaries of Otsuka and Lundbeck’s customer experience ecosystem. Historically, Rexulti employed a traditional approach to multichannel experience. To capitalize on available data, optimize customer experience, and improve ROI, Joe proposed an insight-driven approach to experience planning. Joe was responsible for the development of audience personas, segment-specific journey maps, and message cadences. These workstreams culminated in client workshops where he organized the co-creation of a cross-channel content calendar—a first for Otsuka and Lundbeck—to improve the coordination of messaging across personal and nonpersonal engagements.

One of the core challenges was improving email success while also decreasing cost. To improve tactical flexibility, Joe insisted on the implementation of a modularized approach to email development through the creation of approved content, image, and module asset libraries. The results speak for themselves, with a program performing between two to three times average across multiple metrics (CTR, Open %, CTOR) at 50% the cost.

Following the success with Rexulti, The Bloc was invited to pitch for Abilify Maintena. Due to their strong category knowledge and alliance expertise, Joe helped lead the team to a resounding win, impressing the clients with his mastery of the promotional ecosystem and plan of action to combat the promotional challenges during the pandemic. By simultaneously working on both businesses, Joe has established The Bloc as an invaluable agency partner for Otsuka and Lundbeck.

Joe is also responsible for The Bloc’s internal social media program and company website, actively trains new engagement strategists and manages the department’s summer interns, and is a perennial nominee for the agency’s internal PRIDE awards. He fully embodies The Bloc’s mantra “Be Great to Do Good.”


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