ELITE 2021 Strategist Rodney Spady of Teva Pharmaceuticals

Rodney Spady

Senior Director, U.S. MCM and Digital Strategies Head

Teva Pharmaceuticals

The Digital Diviner

Rodney Spady arrived at Teva in 2019 on a mission—evolve and accelerate Teva’s digital strategies, technologies, and operations through 2021 and beyond.

He began with the backbone of digital execution—the strategy. After evaluating the annual brand planning process, Rodney developed and inserted the crucial step of brand engagement strategy. This strategy, now delivered through Teva’s multichannel marketing (MCM) blueprint, clearly establishes a brand’s objectives, customer segments, content strategy, customer journey, and channel plan, all laddering up to a measurement plan that allows brands to evaluate and optimize the success of ad campaigns.

Concurrently, he evaluated the technology stack, with the goal of optimizing its capabilities to deliver on brand engagement strategies. One of the biggest opportunities uncovered was around data and analytics. While Teva had Salesforce Marketing Cloud (SFMC) established, it was not being used to aggregate and report on brand data. Rodney spearheaded an initiative to pilot Salesforce’s Datorama within Teva, to shift away from the manual collection and interpretation of data toward a model of data automation and real-time reporting for web, email, and media analytics. The pilot kicked off in January 2021.

This transformation builds on a career of brand and enterprise leadership. Previously at Sanofi, Rodney helped launch global multichannel engagement, helming global digital operation efforts in the development and implementation of new operating models, expanded customer journeys, change management plans, and training activities. Also at Sanofi, Rodney developed and launched a multichannel, customer-centric strategy and plan for the lead U.S. vaccine brand, using digital, ecommerce, mobile, and TV as the primary channels with customer and consumer call-to-action destinations. The campaign received many accolades, including Rodney being named 2018 Top 25 DTC Marketer of the Year.

Looking forward, Rodney plans to further optimize Teva’s technology stack to meet brand strategies and business plans, leveraging SFMC and Veeva enhancements to create a cross-channel ecosystem that triggers next-best actions to meet customer demands. These transformations will further empower brands at Teva to pinpoint their customer segments and reach them with relevant and timely messages.


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