ELITE 2021 Strategist Lori Wood of Valuate Health Consultancy

Lori Wood

Principal Strategist

Valuate Health Consultancy

Specialist in Rare Disease Market Access Strategy

Years ago, Lori Wood predicted the immense growth in rare disease therapies would translate into huge business opportunities. Since then, she has become an expert in developing strategic approaches to preempt market access issues for rare disease products and has provided her access acumen in many capacities across gene therapy, CAR-T, and other specialty treatments.

At Valuate Health, Lori has impacted traditional payers, Integrated Delivery Networks, and Centers of Excellence by optimizing more than 25 rare disease product and indication launches across disease states. She encourages clients to invest in collaborative opportunities to optimize rare disease reimbursement pathways, value-based care, and unique distribution models to find opportunities for employers to cover high-cost, rare-disease products within benefit packages to ensure patients have access to life-changing treatments without damaging business finances.

Lori’s strategy was integral to the successful launch of the first gene therapy to enter the U.S. market. Thinking about customer priorities, she assisted in the development of a strategic framework to predict the challenges this high-cost, targeted product would face. She worked alongside experts to enhance market access decisions for this rare population by analyzing the credentialing of providers and Centers of Excellence, planning for alternative distribution pathways to streamline product delivery to patients in a timely way, and emphasizing genetic testing within payer medical model policies for patient identification.

One of her rare disease clients said, “Working with Lori has brought much clarify and confidence to the rare disease product I represent. She helped us navigate the market and prepare for the best. We couldn’t have done it without her wisdom.”

Lori’s work with clients has been so well received that she was able to impact Valuate’s internal working groups and helped prepare the Omnicom Health Group business for market access challenges and opportunities in rare disease. In fact, Lori serves as market access lead for the Rare Collective at Omnicom Health Group, a collaboration of Omnicom subject-matter experts with deep experience across dozens of Rare Diseases. Given her track record, her wisdom is bound to be transferred into new rare disease products and indications as innovation continues for this critical yet often overlooked product class.


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