ELITE 2021 Sales MVP Paul Ellis of Mesmerize

Paul Ellis

Executive Vice President


Selling Content that Matters

In 2008, the economy was in a recession and 25-year-old Paul Ellis was newly diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Disease and at his lowest point. In 2010, he accepted an Account Executive position at Mesmerize Marketing, an upstart in the point of care space. The pairing proved beneficial to both Paul and Mesmerize as he helped steadily grow the company for 11 years and become the leader and visionary he is today.

In 2014, Paul launched Mesmerize’s network of AIDS Service and Community-Based Organizations, dedicated to connecting underserved communities and those living with HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis with valuable health/wellness education. Paul continues to work with top pharmaceutical clients in the infectious disease category and across other key verticals including diabetes, respiratory, and autoimmune diseases.

Paul was promoted to Vice President of Sales in 2015, and then Executive Vice President of Sales in 2018. Paul’s point of care media sales grew by over 45% in 2019. In 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic created unique challenges. Never known to quit, Paul and his team leveraged Mesmerize’s strengths as a patient education company—and grew revenue by 14% over 2019.

Paul is also responsible for launching Mesmerize’s Department of Health Division, serving over 30 government organizations and creating nearly 100 initiatives to educate patients, caregivers, and healthcare providers in underserved communities about HIV prevention, opioid awareness, childhood obesity, and tobacco cessation.

Today, Mesmerize works with the New York, Chicago, and West Virginia Departments of Health. These relationships positioned Mesmerize as a true thought leader, especially during COVID-19, when their campaigns benefitted the most vulnerable communities.

Paul is a multicultural healthcare advocate, targeting Hispanic, African American, and Asian American populations to provide relevant wellness messaging, and representing Mesmerize at events including DTC Multicultural Health Conference and 3AF Asian Marketing Summit. Paul also initiated the Mesmerize Mentorship Program to train young employees—and instill his passion for educating patients and creating healthier communities.

Craig Mait, Mesmerize President and Chief Revenue Officer, says, “Paul’s outside-the-box thinking and communication skills enabled him to develop a diverse and impressive roster of clients. Paul’s ability to cultivate rewarding relationships with his clients is truly unparalleled.”


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