ELITE 2021 Sales MVP Garrett R. Groesbeck of Ashfield MedComms

Garrett R. Groesbeck

Sr. Director, Business Development Strategy

Ashfield MedComms

Strategic Intuition and Planning

Garrett Groesbeck’s journey into medical communications began at the age of 13. Young Garrett got an after-school job sweeping the floors at Pharmaceutical Information Associates Ltd. (PIA), the regulatory writing and medical communications agency where his mother worked. Something clicked. As Garrett paid more attention to learning the business than sweeping floors, the managers couldn’t help but notice. Over the years, he moved up in the company, eventually landing an inside sales position with PIA’s sister agency Astrolabe Analytica—all before he was 20 years old.

With a sense of purpose, Garrett earned a business degree from Temple University. He honed his development skills with companies such as Thomson Reuters, Wolters Kluwer, and Springer Nature. Today, he serves Ashfield MedComms as Senior Director of Business Development Strategy.

Garrett adopts a uniquely refined, meticulous approach to business development, which has led the agency to many successes since his arrival in 2017. His “quality over quantity” philosophy sets him apart from many other business development professionals. Garrett spends a lot of time planning. His unique approach creates a roadmap, clearly outlining the right times for all aspects of a campaign, from initial outreach to follow-up. Applied to a drug’s approval pathway, for example, that map is the key to success. Garrett has found tremendous success with his novel approach and deep industry relationships.

Even as a 13-year-old with a broom, Garrett understood the importance of listening, being in the right place at the right time, and taking advantage of opportunities to grow. In this way, he hasn’t really changed. He’s simply added experience to the mix. From his early days cleaning the agency office to his current senior role at Ashfield MedComms, Garrett has stayed true to his calculated business development process, gaining countless successes for both his clients and himself along the way.


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