ELITE 2021 Sales MVP Brady Walcott of Intouch Group

Brady Walcott

Executive Vice President, Business Development

Intouch Group

The Growth Mindset in Action

Brady Walcott has helped ensure Intouch has seen positive growth year after year, and with his executive leadership, Intouch maintained that positive growth rate and trajectory during the global pandemic, securing significant business and key relationships to help the organization reach $220M in size.

Brady’s vision for growth, his true tenacity, and unwavering focus has not only set Intouch up for the impressive growth but it has also pushed the network to up-level in the eyes of prospective clients and in its work, further broadening the reach of Intouch’s positive reputation. He embodies a courageous intrapreneur, one who has accelerated growth at Intouch Group and forever changed its trajectory during the company’s most transformational years. With over 25 years of experience in healthcare, Brady brings a positive outlook, strategic vision, and an authentic passion to make the industry and Intouch better.

Early on in Brady’s career at Intouch, he shaped a dedicated and committed strategic development team encompassing unique strengths to support the company’s growth mindset. Under Brady’s leadership, his team quickly gained inroads with new business opportunities and has continued to secure high-profile lead agency and global new business. To further scale the growth mindset, Brady established a key infrastructure to support the enterprise via systems, processes, assets, and framework tools.

By developing Intouch’s roadmap to growth with various resources and strategies, Brady positioned Intouch for accelerated expansion. Years ago, he had the foresight to establish clear expectations and precision around systems that could help inform business decisions. Today, these systems and data are trusted across the enterprise as the “north star.”

Of course, 2020 presented unique challenges to Brady and his team, but they still successfully secured several major wins and international engagements for Intouch. This work represents consumer, professional, and payer audiences on a global scale. Brady’s leadership guided Intouch to remain steady and focused on an explosive growth mindset and scale while delivering best-in-class work to clients.


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