ELITE 2021 Patient Advocate Arianne Breiteneicher of Supernus Pharmaceuticals

Arianne Breiteneicher

Associate Director, Marketing

Supernus Pharmaceuticals

Delivering Brand Value by Creating Patient Value

Arianne Breiteneicher has significantly enhanced the Parkinson’s patient engagement space and ensured that patients and their care partners are equipped with the knowledge, inspiration, and motivation to take charge of their care. She started to put her mark on the Parkinson’s community when US WorldMeds put her in charge of Apokyn (apomorphine hydrochloride injection).

As the driving force behind the Apokyn Patient Ambassador program, Arianne started with 11 patient and care partner Ambassadors in 2017 and has grown the program every subsequent year. This growth even continued after Arianne, Apokyn, and the other brands she worked on transitioned from US WorldMeds to Supernus.

Patient engagement levels remained extraordinarily high in 2020 during the pandemic due to Arianne’s efforts in shifting the Ambassador activities to virtual channels. That growth should continue in 2021 as Apokyn Ambassadors are planning to share their stories and engage with the Parkinson’s community both virtually and safely in-person across the country at various unique events. The Ambassadors are also featured on Apokyn.com, including innovative before-and-after video concepts in which viewers can see firsthand what some patients are experiencing on the treatment.

These real-life stories boost the audience’s motivation to take charge of their care or their loved ones’ care. In 2020, 66% of Apokyn Ambassador Program attendees reported they were going to talk to their HCP about off-episodes with Parkinson’s, 42% were going to use Apokyn’s online resources, 31% planned to discuss a change in therapy with their HCP, 20% planned to talk to a family member or friend about Parkinson’s or Apokyn, and 12% decided to join a support group or reach out to an advocacy organization.

Arianne also set up the Patient Ambassador program to incorporate a mentor program in which people with Parkinson’s are matched to mentors who can share experiences and provide practical support for peers on their journey with Parkinson’s. This part of the program has grown impressively as well—to the point that Supernus plans on facilitating 650 calls in 2021 alone. The program is also now open to all people with Parkinson’s and care partners—regardless of whether they are currently prescribed or using Apokyn.


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