ELITE 2021 Mentor Scott Harper of Elevate Healthcare

Scott Harper

VP, Client Engagement

Elevate Healthcare

An Example Worth Emulating

Scott Harper is one of those guys. Everyone likes him, trusts him, and depends on his insights—so much so, that his employer, Elevate Healthcare, created an acronym in his honor: “H.A.R.P.E.R.” Honesty. Authenticity. Relevant Experience. Professionalism. Empathy. Respect.

Scott embodies all these characteristics and more. Over the course of his 20 years in healthcare marketing, Scott has mentored dozens of professionals: young, seasoned, technical, creative, administrative, and more.

In his full-time role as VP, Client Engagement, Scott plays multiple key roles and stays impossibly busy overseeing the development of strategic marketing communications, supervising internal support mechanisms, directing day-to-day client services, and coordinating all marketing and communication initiatives for individual client needs. He also drives the research, implementation, and training for internal agency communications and workflow platforms. Essentially, he is the control tower who manages with an unwavering focus on profit, standards, timing, as well as the customization of unique agency resources.

Ultimately, Scott’s most valuable role is simple: ensuring his team reaches their full potential. Nick Stackhouse, Sr. Project Manager, says, “Scott is the type of manager that remains calm in the most stressful situations. It is a simple concept, but one that is so effective in reassuring his mentees (myself included) that taking the time to pause is all that is needed to come up with a practical solution. He has made me a stronger project manager—one that is more inclined to take the time to think through a solution instead of just reacting.”

Robert Mangone, a former supervisor and current mentor adds, “He will listen, not merely hear…he will think, not merely do. He understands the difference between motion and action.” Barry Schmader, Chief Creative Officer, has also learned from Scott. He says, “Although we’ve never set up or discussed a formal mentoring relationship, I’ve been watching, learning from, and emulating how Scott interacts with ‘his people’ for almost 20 years.”

The lesson is amazingly simple. In the marketing field, there are any number of career paths and routes to success. However, it’s clear that the most important thing someone can become—at work and in life—is a H.A.R.P.E.R.


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